SWEET ADELINE - "Cakes Made The Way Our Mom Taught Us"
No Time to Bake a Cake from Scratch?
No worries. We'll bake them for you!
Relax and enjoy.
Have an event where you would like to have a homemade cake?  Or you just want a tasty dessert to satisfy that sweet tooth?  Say you don't feel like making one or you just don't know how?  Imagine....no racing to the grocery store to pick up all those fresh ingredients.  No messy kitchen to clean up. Just a nice, moist, and delicious cake, prepared to your liking. Delivered directly to you.
More affordable than you think.
We personally prepare each cake as it is ordered.  Everything is made from scratch (even the filling).  In the case of the pineapple and strawberry fillings, frozen fruits are substituted when the fresh fruits are not in season. Fillings and icings are made at the same time the cakes are being made.  With all the love that is put into each and every cake, they are all affordably priced at $25.00 each, except for the Famous Carrot Cake at $35.00.  We accept cash and checks.  For all of our returning customers, if you purchase five cakes (at one time or over a period of time) your sixth cake is half price.  You can even earn a FREE CAKE through our customer referral program!
Tailored to your tastebuds.
You choose the type of cake you want.  All cakes are triple layered.  Between the cake and the buttercream icing there is about one pound of butter incorporated into each cake (except for our Famous Carrot Cake).  Choose from lemon, strawberry, coconut cream, or pineapple fillings.  Vanilla or chocolate buttercream icing.  We also make a coconut cake with any filling you may prefer, or none at all.  It's all up to you!  The Famous Carrot Cake has pecans and a cream cheese icing.  These are the cakes that we have perfected, and in the future we plan to add more. 
Call us today for an order! (at least 24 hours in advance)
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